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Epic Sunset Photos

When I start creating a timeline for a wedding, the first thing I do is check the time of sunset. Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the sunset is often one of the most memorable moments of a wedding. A great wedding timeline factors in the time of sunset to ensure that the happy couple can enjoy some quiet time alone with their photographer.  Some couples tell me that they just want to enjoy time with their guests and start dancing, but when I show them these photos, they change their minds.  Taking photos earlier in the day definitely has it's advantages, but nothing beats the golden light of a Rocky Mountain sunset.  When planning your big day, be sure to build in some time for sunset photos. Our rule of thumb - schedule photos about an hour prior to the official sunset time. This will ensure you have plenty of time to take photos plus here in the mountains, the sun typically dips behind the mountain about thirty minutes prior to the official sunset time. Don't be afraid to disappear.  It's your day.  Take your time and enjoy some quiet time just the two of you. You will treasure these photos for the rest of your lives!

Heidi and Chris, Marabou Ranch, Caitlin Steuben Photography

Sarah and Nick, Midnight Ranch, Cali Frankovic Photography

Sarah and Nick, Midnight Ranch, Cali Frankovic Photography

Kristina and Greg, Bella Vista Estate, From the Daises Photography

(Although we didn't have typical sunset, I couldn't resist including this gorgeous photo. I love the light and the approaching storm!)

Rebecca and Greg, Priest Creek at Orton Ranch, Seedhouse Photography

Ashley and Dan, Perry Mansfield, Andy Barnhart Photography

Corrin and Eric, Private Ranch, Cassie Rosch Photography

Incredible, right? This is what happens when your wedding planner works with the photographer to create a timeline that incorporates time for sunset photos.  Here at SoulSpark Events, we believe that creating a memorable wedding is a team event.  We work together with your photographer from the very beginning to create the perfect timeline. When I look back at photos from the season, these stolen moments are always my favorite!


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