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Wedding Planning 101: Keeping Your Cool

Transforming a private home into a wedding venue for 100 people sounds daunting, right? That's what Reid and Kate thought when they approached me and asked if I could pull off their dream wedding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. As a seasoned event planner in the Rocky Mountains, however, I only had one answer for them - ABSOLUTELY! Together, the bride, groom and I discussed potential scenarios, paced out the 'dining area' and created a beautiful plan. What once looked like a family estate miraculously turned into the personalized wedding venue of their dreams. The only thing we needed in our favor was good weather (for the outside ceremony and dance floor) and a moving truck to move all the furniture out of the house. Although I knew exactly who to recommend for the labor, I had to cross my fingers and pray for the sunshine.

Unfortunately, the forecast wasn't promising; as is common in the Yampa Valley, cold temperatures were predicted with rain on and off all day. So much for summer! Thirty minutes prior the guests showing up, dark clouds loomed overhead. Ten minutes to go time, lighting started. To say I was a little nervous is an understatement, but I was determined to keep my cool (thank you yoga breathing!!) and make sure my team stayed confident. Kate and Reid really wanted to get married outside, so my goal was to make that happen. When I work with couples to design a unique wedding, their priorities are my own. Experience told me that the storm would blow over and that we just needed to shift our schedule a bit. Waiting out weather isn't easy, *especially* when you are apprehensive, but I've found it successful 99% of the time. Luckily, this day was no different. We paused the nuptial start time for what seemed like an eternity (but was really only ten minutes), thankfully the clouds passed, and the ceremony began outside. I felt like my job was done - Kate and Reid's dream of being married outside was fulfilled. With a backdrop of gorgeous clouds and a rainbow peaking above, the couple became husband and wife. It might have been one of the most dramatic and beautiful ceremonies I have seen. What a magical moment for SoulSpark Events!

One of the reasons my team and I work so hard before your big day is so that- seemingly -everything just falls into place. That's one of my favorite parts about being an event coordinator in Steamboat Springs: I get to witness Rocky Mountain weddings sail smoothly, and know in my heart we create memories that last a lifetime. Cocktail hour on the lawn with oversized garden games was followed by a buffet dinner inside, prepared by Rex's Catering. We ordered some last minute outside heaters to ensure everyone stayed warm on the dance floor (hint: that's why you want a planner, we take care of the little details before anyone complains of the cold). We invited everyone outside for cake cutting and dessert, and then the beautiful bride and handsome groom danced the night away under the stars. Guests roasted s'mores at the outside fire place, and our day of coordination came to a close. It was the perfect Colorado wedding!

~Alex Mathison Founder of SoulSpark Events

Photography - Sarah and Lee Lapine

Catering - Rex's Catering

Venue - Private home

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