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Something Sweet with a Twist!

Traditional wedding cake isn't everyone's cup of tea. Sound familiar? If this is you, then don't fret! Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, there are plenty of options when it comes to dessert. Non traditional dessert options are becoming more and more popular; we've even had some couples make a "cheese cake" by stacking tiers of their favorite Wisconsin cheeses! I love to design a dessert spread that takes into consideration the theme and style of the wedding, as well as encompassing any sweet treats favored by the bride and groom. Here are some of my favorite non traditional dessert ideas.


We have two fabulous cupcake options here in the Yampa Valley in Northwest Colorado- Mountain Brew and Mini Cupcake Bar. Both of them have exquisite flavors and they come in regular or mini sizes. Some of my favorites include salted caramel, key lime pie, chai latte, pistachio. caramel macchiato and smores....but really the list is endless. Plus they look beautiful. However, be prepared for a couple of them to disappear before dessert is officially called!

(Above - Photo by Andy Barnhart, Cupcakes by Mountain Brew)

(Right - Photo by Seedhouse Photography, Cupcakes by Mini Cupcake Bar)

Candy Bar

Help yourself candy bars are a fun option and you can really go to town when deciding on the style of candy you want. Opt for old fashioned, gourmet, or potentially showcase locally made candies. Candy bars can replace wedding cake or they can be an extra - they are especially good for late night snacks! Grab n' go bags are a must. We love paper bags printed with the initials of the bride and groom to add a personalized touch to your Rocky Mountain Wedding! It's going to take a little sugar to keep some guests on the dancefloor, so don't forget to ask your friends what their favorite treats are.

(Photo by Seedhouse Photography)

S'mores Bar

If you want to incorporate a mountain theme into your dessert spread, then consider a s'mores bar. Roast marshmallows on an open fire (if your venue allows) and then make s'mores using gourmet chocolate and graham crackers. If an open fire isn't possible, we can always rent a s'mores bar from Colorado Event Rentals.

(Photo by Seedhouse Photography)

(photo by Andy Barnhart)

Gelato/Ice Cream

Photo by Seedhouse Photography

Every0ne loves ice cream. If you want a fun, casual dessert option then this is the answer for you. And thankfully, Steamboat Springs has a couple of options to choose from. Steamboat is home to a wonderful Italian ice cream parlor called Ciao Gelato. Once you choose your flavors, Lynn and Massismo will serve your guests handmade gelato from their ice cream cart. Such a fun way to bring an Italian flair to your big day! Want traditional ice cream sundaes? Dairy Queen will pre-make individual ice cream sundaes for all of your guests. Kids love this option!

(Photo by Seedhouse Photography)


Summer time isn't complete with home-made pie and ice cream. For Leigh and Greg's wedding, we had a spread of pies. The only problem? Everyone wanted a piece of each pie. Mixed berry, Palisade peach, strawberry & rhubarb, classic name it, we had it. Colorado fruit and carefully designed crust made for an exceptional alternative to wedding cake.

(photo by Andy Barnhart)

(photo by Seedhouse Photography)

Deconstructed Cake

Still want to have cake but want to be non traditional? Consider a deconstructed cake table. Instead of a tiered cake, display each 'tier' of cake on their own. Mix and match flavors.

Deconstruced cake by Mountain Brew.

Cake by Mountain Brew, photo by Andy Barnhart.

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