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Tyler and Leslie Tie the Knot

Perry Mansfield, October 7th, 2016

October is a tricky time for a wedding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. You never know if there will be a couple of feet of snow, or if the trees will still have leaves on them. Mother Nature always keeps us on our toes here in the Rocky Mountains of the Yampa Valley! However, October 7th 2016 was a beautiful weekend. Leslie and Tyler managed to have the outdoor wedding of their dreams with a blue sky, sunshine and a blanket of golden leaves on the ground.

SoulSpark wedding and event planners have seen their fair share of rain, wind, and other surprising weather changes, which is why we make it a priority to always have a plan B. We may not be able to order you the perfect sunset, but we sure know how to order the right equipment so your wedding day runs smoothly, with or without clear skies. Contact SoulSpark Events to speak with a knowledgeable wedding coordinator in Northwest Colorado.

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