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Favors - To Give Or Not to Give?

Home-made jam favors

For many brides the countdown has begun to their big day. The 'out of control' pinterest boards have to finally be narrowed down, favors need to be picked and decor needs to be finalized. Experience has taught me that these final details can be overwhelming for brides and grooms. That's when we at SoulSpark Events, pick up the phone and call our couples (or meet in person for some much needed chocolate!) to check-in and get everything figured out together.

I often get asked, 'do I really need to provide guests with a favor?' Etiquette says 'yes'. A favor is a way of thanking your guests for coming to your big day. It's a feel good moment for your guests. However, a favor doesn't have to be a huge, expensive item. I am a traditionalist and love the classical little package of sugared almonds (which is the traditional gift given at weddings in France which is where my father is from). For my wedding, I hand tied little bundles of almonds for all our guests and then placed them at their place setting. It was a way for me to feel connected to each of our guests while also paying homage to my French roots.

I try to encourage couples to choose a favor that ties into their wedding theme and style. The wedding favor can be an opportunity to personalize your wedding. For example, if your wedding is a destination wedding and you love to travel, then you could opt for a luggage tag. Or perhaps you want to give your guests something that is made where your wedding is taking place. Here in Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Coffee and Tea Company, encourages couples to come and blend, roast and package their own coffee to give as favors. What a unique and fun activity! I have also had couples skip the 'favor' and they have replaced it by asking guests to make a charitable contribution in their name.

Most people opt for a favor that is either edible, drinkable or useful.

When to give the favor

  • Placed at each setting

  • Incorporated into the seating card table

  • Incorporated into the table decoration

  • Handed out by the catering staff

  • Placed on a table for guests to grab as they leave(this way they don’t forget them!)

Edible Favors

  • Personalized chocolate bar

  • Chocolate truffles

  • Macaroons

  • Sugared almonds (Jordan Almonds)

  • Popcorn

  • Mini Champagne Bottles

  • Coffee/tea

  • Leftover cake

  • Donuts

  • Cupcakes

  • Candy (create your own take home bag with a candy bar)

  • S’mores treats

Useful Favors

  • Matchbox

  • Mints

  • Seeds – (a great living keepsake)

  • Water bottle

  • Bottle opener

  • Koozies

  • Sunglasses

  • Notepads

  • Coasters

  • Photos (ie. renting a photo booth)

  • Charitable Donation instead of favors

  • Centerpieces from the reception

When it comes to favors, there are lots of options. Etsy and Pinterest have a wealth of ideas. Here at SoulSpark Events we like to source favors locally whenever possible. Some fun Steamboat ideas:

Locally made in Steamboat Springs

  • Locally hand blended coffee or tea from Steamboat Coffee and Tea or Steamboat Coffee Roasters.

  • Caramelized nuts or chocolates from the Homesteader.

  • Soap, lotion or lip balm from Little Moon or Ranch Organics.

  • Locally made cupcakes, macaroons or donuts.

  • Bottle openers inspired by the environment (bikes, antlers etc).

Where to find inspiration

Still need help choosing your favor? Reach out to family and friends and ask their opinion or have your wedding planner provide you with a list. Happy planning!

Alexandra Mathisen

Founder - SoulSpark Events


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