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The Magic of Being a Wedding Planner

Whenever I tell strangers what I do for a living, they are always surprised and inevitably ask me if I enjoy what I do. They are always shocked by my answer - I love being a wedding and event planner. I love everything about it! I tell people it’s the perfect job for me. It combines my love of logistics and details with creativity, design and connection with people.

I am often asked how and why I became a wedding planner. It’s not something I dreamed of as a child and if you watch any wedding movie or show on the television then no doubt you will be put off for life from following this career path. But when I look back at my life, I realize that everything I have done (and I have done a lot!) has led me to where I am today. Even as a child, it was already in my blood. I remember as a child, my sisters and I would help our father host garden parties and gastronomical dinners. We would cook for days and then enjoy every minute of setting the table, arranging the food and making everything look perfect. I loved every minute of it. Upon leaving college, every job I have had has involved leading or guiding people in one capacity or another - from directing a summer camp for kids, to guiding wilderness trips for teenagers, to guiding luxury biking and hiking trips, to teaching yoga and owning a yoga studio. My office has ranged from the mountains of Colorado, to the vineyards of Tuscany and the snow capped mountain ranges of Switzerland and now to tents in the middle of a field. How lucky am I?

It’s not a ‘traditional’ job but I wouldn’t change it for the world. After a fifteen hour day, my heart soars when a bride comes over to me and gives me a hug and says that we fulfilled her dreams. My tired feet are forgotten and I simply smile. What greater job satisfaction could one ask for?

The season is over and it’s time to say goodbye to my 2017 brides and focus my energy on 2018. I get teary eyed every time I look at a video or slideshow that appears out of nowhere in my inbox from this summer. I watch the videos and slideshows with my daughter and together we smile (and I cry). She is captivated by the beauty and magic of what she sees. And I feel honored and grateful that two people trusted me with their vision for their big day and that I was the lucky one that got to turn that vision into a reality.

Check out this amazing video to see the magic of one of the weddings from this summer.

Carolina and Tino’s wedding, filmed by Films About Love.

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