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Favorite Wedding Gift of All Time

Planning a big wedding? Feeling overwhelmed by the To Do list that grows with every Pinterest board you discover? Are newly engaged couples all over the blogisphere making you feel like you're not doing enough? One of the biggest scares for couples who have a large guest list can be not just the work leading up to your big day, but the work that comes after a wedding.

There is an endless list of chores and little fires to put out when coordinating a Rocky Mountain wedding. Once you've said your "I do" and head to the dance floor, you can still feel like an actor on the stage. Clean up, lost and found, billing--that's where SoulSpark Events comes in, but what about the personal duties, like thank you notes, that loom like a shadow on your honeymoon? As wedding and event planners in Northwest Colorado, we always give our best to dot the i's and cross the t's of all things wedding, but we also know there are aspects of your nuptials, ceremony and reception that have to come from you. That's why we poked and prodded a friend of ours who recently got married to hear her favorite wedding gift:

A registry tracker to include who bought what, with pre-labeled, stamped thank you cards!!!

Okay, we know this sounds a little simple, but can you imagine swimming through a see of cards, wrapping paper, and gifts after the excitement of your wedding? Your lovely wedding planners would be happy to help, but again, sometimes you just want family and friends around, and we totally get it. There might not be a better way to feel organized than to have a close friend hold your hand through the final stages of your big day.

So choose your guest list wisely, delegate as much as you can, and ENJOY yourself even after the party is done!

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