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12 Days of Wedding Planning

Hear that? Yup, you guessed it! The sound of bells ringing, Mariah Carey blaring through speakers, maybe even the crunch of a plow clearing off your street...ahh the wonderful familiarity of winter holidays. Here in the Rocky Mountains, we warm up with hot cider, big crockpot creations, and memories from our wedding planning past. As an event coordinator, there is nothing that brings greater joy to my heart than reliving special moments from lovely couples. First look photos? Daddy Daughter dance? Slicing of the cake? These traditional activities make your big day more than memorable. In the spirit of celebrating in our little mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we at SoulSpark Events came up with our very own rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas--but, of course, with event planning! Check out the list below for a dozen of our favorite tips.

On the first day of wedding planning, my planner gave to me...

1) Party Favors from an Aspen Tree! Move over partridge and pears, we love take home presents like wooden coasters monogrammed with the couple's initials and wedding date. Bring the theme of the great outdoors into your Steamboat Springs wedding, and make sure your guests never forget the epic time they had during your special event.

2) Two Gluten Free Options! No more cardboard breadsticks-we make sure every guests feels taken care of during your Colorado wedding. By working continuously with preferred local vendors, SoulSpark Events has every dietary need or restriction covered.

3) Three "French" Tips! 1) Nails Our favorite spas in town include classy and professional options for all your digits. Treat your mom and bridesmaids to the best looking mani/pedi of their lives with any of our well trusted recommended spa technicians and locations. 2) Bubbly Sip a classy champagne in Steamboat Springs, home of the Champagne powder! 3) Lingerie Make your man say "Oooh lala" with our more intimate attention to detail. Trust us, wedding planning isn't just coordinating a ceremony.

4) Four Calling Birds! Well...if that's your style...we will get you four calling birds. Otherwise, we will make sure your band/dj/playlist is all set up with power, extension cords, rain friendly protection, and a million other requests you'll never have to worry about.

5) Five Photos of Golden Rings! We work directly with your photographer to make sure the little accents are noticed. You will cherish your album for years to come, so we want it to be creative and engaging. SoulSpark Events has some beautiful examples from hanging rings off of natural elements, like flowers or rocks, placing them on an invitation or program, holding them near a pretty view, and even posing with them on a flower girl or furry friend. The possibilities are endless, and we promise you won't get bored by the tricks up our wedding planner sleeves.

6) Six Guests a Postin'! Let us help you with hashtags, social media albums, google photo, etc., so that you can relieve the candids for years to come. We can decorate signage around the party for your friends to know which hashtag you prefer--and we are happy to include a "please, no cell phones," at the ceremony, too!

7) Seven Floral Favorites! There is nothing more enticing than flowers as decor, but with so many themes out there, how is a girl to choose? Gone are the days when you fell into a black hole of options! SoulSpark Events is excellent at whittling down your portfolio of ideas for floral arrangements. From rustic wooden boxes, to live succulents, we've seen what works best where (EG Forget the tall vases--outdoor Colorado weddings are notorious for sporadic gusts of wind. Best to keep the flowers lower to the table, or you'll be cleaning up broken glass by sunset).

8) Eight Maids a Matchin'! Although the bride and groom are our top priorities, we make sure to be available to the entire bridal party. We've got an emergency kit packed and ready for all those little fires your bridesmaids will need us to put out so you can stay calm and relaxed during your Steamboat Springs wedding. Our experienced event and wedding planners are experts at helping your hair stay in place, removing a stain from your dress, and stocking the bathroom with necessities.

9) Nine Ladies Dancin'! Are you looking for help planning your bachelorette party or bridesmaids presents? Girls just wanna have fun! SoulSpark Events loves working with Rocky Mountain brides to make sure the Ladies feel like royalty. Give us a call and we'll share some secrets to the most successful girls nights in the history of our Steamboat Springs wedding planning company.

10) Ten Lords a Leapin'! Okay, boys, we haven't forgotten about you. There are plenty of activities here in our outdoor community of Yampa Valley for you to work out any nervous energy, and have a ton of fun with the gentlemen closest to you. Barbers, rounds of golf, back country ski tours--we'll book 'em all for you to make your experience in Steamboat Springs exciting and hassle free.

11) Eleven Servers Serving! SoulSpark Events likes to make sure that all catering needs are handled perfectly, which is why we make meals a priority when working with Colorado couples. One of the best parts of booking professional venues like Aurum or caterers like Rex's is that they bring the A team. Rather than forcing shefs to serve and clear like some smaller operations, we like to work with the best of the best. Forget long lines that never seem move, or food and beverage being a hassle. Eat, drink, and be merry!

12) Twelve Drivers Driving! If transportation is a concern for your group, fear not. SoulSpark Events has hired plenty of taxi and shuttle services in our quaint, western Steamboat Springs, and we know who to call to make sure you get home safely. It's hard to find an Uber or Lift, something those city folk probably rely on, but we'll make sure you have the best horse in town.

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