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Slowing Down - Creating a Magical Timeline

I love the beginning of a new year. It’s an opportunity to reset your buttons and start afresh. Last week, I challenged my local Steamboat Springs yoga students to think about how they would like their year to look and then to choose one word that fits their vision. My word is SLOW….slow down, slow food, slow yoga, slow travel…..slow everything.

Let’s face it, life is busy. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. We rush from one place to the next, and then go to sleep with a to-do list spinning in our head, and wake up the next morning already feeling behind. But this doesn’t have to be our norm. Yesterday, on my way through the Yampa Valley in Northern Colorado, a herd of elk were grazing in a field. They were beautiful. I pulled over and stopped so that my daughter and I could admire them. It was unexpected. We were a little later to town than expected. But did it matter? Was 5 minutes really going to make a difference? No. It felt great to stop, slow down and just sit and watch the elk. I love moments like this.

These unexpected magical moments are what life is about. They are also the difference between a great wedding and an amazing wedding. At SoulSpark Events, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect timeline for your wedding and location so that these magical moments happen effortlessly. No-one wants to feel rushed when they are at a wedding. Some brides specifically tell me that they want to have a ‘relaxed’ feel to their wedding. They want to organically flow with the evening and seamlessly move from one event to the next. Capturing the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains is important to them. Who doesn’t want to watch the sun drop behind the mountains and see the sky light up? Or watch the alpenglow cover the mountains? Or see the stars appear or the full moon rise? The natural beauty of Steamboat Springs should definitely factor into a timeline. Here at SoulSpark Events, we take all of these aspects into consideration when planning a wedding.

When I sit down to create wedding timelines, I put myself in the guests shoes and think about how they would feel and what they would want. I try to capture the essence of the wedding in the timeline. I ask brides and grooms what is important to them and how they want their wedding to ‘feel.’ For some, they want their wedding to have a party vibe; others want an elegant, intimate dinner feel; then there are the groups who want it to appear just like a backyard party. It’s also important to remember that different venues dictate different timelines. It sounds easy but it’s harder than you think. On the big day, I work behind the scenes to coordinate all the vendors, keep them on track, and make sure the guests and the bride and groom don’t feel rushed. It’s a fine line to tow, but I want to keep the party going and keep everyone happy. A great timeline outlined prior to the wedding is key. There has to be enough flexibility in the schedule but also enough structure.

So what’s your word for the year? If you are a reading this and planning your wedding, how do you want your wedding to feel? What would be your word to describe your wedding? Before it gets too crazy, start to think about the flow of your wedding and begin working with your planner to create a magical timeline. Give yourself time to enjoy the sunset, have time for just the two of you, time to eat and time to talk to your guests, and time just to be.

Alexandra Mathisen

Owner, SoulSpark Events

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