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Winter Wondergrass in Steamboat Springs

Winter here in Steamboat Springs is always an exciting time. The Yampa Valley puts on lots of fun events, such as the First Friday Art Walks, Hot Air Balloon Rodeos, and our famous Winter Carnival, the traditional Western display of sports and arts in the heart of our downtown community. Although we Northwestern Colorado wedding planners focus on love for most of our event coordination, we always welcome a little variety into our schedules. Watching a crowd enjoy themselves--whatever the occasion--is our main goal! Luckily, Steamboat is becoming a more popular destination for music goers across the country, which means we have ample opportunity to make dreams come to life year round.

For the first year in it's 5 year run, the Winter Wondergrass Festival set up at Steamboat Resort's very own Knoll Lot, home to the annual Texas Music Week concerts. Despite the frigid temperatures, strong winds, and sometimes whiteout conditions, SoulSpark Events decided to volunteer and enjoy the lively music and craft beer. We women are adamant that the show must go on, no matter what mother nature has in mind!

From meeting new friends, to trying delicious Super Heady Tacos from Denver, the festival definitely did not disappoint. We practiced staying flexible with whatever the task at hand was, and were rewarded with smiles all around.

After a full weekend of dancing to bluegrass and folk music, our staff treated ourselves to a lovely girls' trip to the Strawberry Park natural hot springs. There is nothing my body appreciates more after long hours of volunteering than soaking in the healing waters of the Continental Divide region. Jumping from one pool to another gave us the chance to cool off in between hotter waters, and we even enjoyed Watsu massage!

Keep SoulSpark Events in mind for any occasion you are planning in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We love sharing the fun parts of town with visitors, and can't wait to help you coordinate an unforgettable time in our Rocky Mountain home!

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